As avid cooks ourselves, our vegetables are grown with the chef in mind. Although we are not (yet) certified organic, we use the most natural means of gardening available. Organic compost, vermiculture teas, and old-fasioned hand weeding are a few of our favorite ways to show the garden love. We also try to focus on heritage and heirloom strains known for beautiful variation or unique flavor profile. The result is "slow food" high in nutrient density and flavor.

We are also small enough to take, we ask that our CSA members never hesitate to suggest a veggie, herb, or send a seed-gift in the mail. :) We are expirimental!

Due to the uncertain nature of CSAs, and farming in general, we have decided NOT to follow the model of having folks commit to a year, upfront. Instead of by season, BBF Farm shares will be sold on a monthly basis...we sure hope that you will stay in for the entire season, and be very pleased. However, if ever you wish to cancel your share for the following month, just let us know. And if you are arriving late in a year of abundance, we will be continuing to sell shares at variable weekly rates as the season permits.

We just love our garden and look forward to sharing it with you!

Spring 2021 Memberships available soon!

Spring Veggie shares begin producing around the first weeks of April, and continue into October.

Let's all enjoy a great harvest in 2021!

1 Share.....................$25.00/week

1 Share with Delivery.......$35.00/week

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*add-on shares (eggs/microgreens/etc) can be added to member deliveries!