Another aspect of life that is close to our hearts here is the special relationship we have with our dogs! These three pretty much run the place...well...sort of. One spends most of his time acting like a goofball, sleeping, and waiting for his next moment with the love of his life...treats!

In a effort to keep the extra weight off of this (perhaps, retired hunting hound?) while not having to look at a sad face 24/7, its been a journey to find things that he enjoys that are also healthy. From crunchy cookies to dehydrated meats and veggies, we are always expirimenting with new ways to give treats to our dogs that are good for their bodies, coats and teeth, while also making their day.

We are excited to offer a supply of our fresh, home-made and seasonally inspired treats for your canine companions to enjoy. This allows us to make larger batches of quality treats for our own pups at a good value, as well as keeping many of the fillers, preservatives, and mystery ingredients off of your pet's plate. Your first months package will include a variety of available selections, as we know that some dogs have sophisticated (?) tastes, while others will gobble down anything that does not provide a bit of "chew time". However, over time, we hope to tailer these subscriptions to tastes and needs, providing you and your friend with something special.

Check back soon as we will begin sign up in November and shipping on December 1st!

Monthly Treat Subscription

Base subscription provides one medium size dog with a variety of healthy treats that should keep their tails wagging for the month. Treats will be vacuum-sealed for freshness and should be consumed within the subscription month.

All pricing includes monthly delivery.

Base Subscription.....................$45.00/month

Additional pups.......................$25.00/month

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