If you have ever been over here, you know that our chickens are quite possibly the happiest chickens in the world. Some even make fun of us for raising our hens a little more like...well, pets. Our handlers include folks with experience in avian rehabilitation, veterinary medicine, and just a general enthusiasm for our birds. This sounds like a hard pitch but, yeah, if you know us...we arent even joking.

We have separate predator-proof coops for situations of hen-pecking or new flock introductions, each with their own predator-proof yard. The girls go out to free-range in the woods and garden almost every non-stormy day, where they enjoy a myriad of native plants, seeds, and bugs, find their favorite dusbath, take in some sunshine, or relax in the shade. In the evenings, they return to the coop of their choice to lay the most delicious eggs!

Free-Range Egg Shares

Winter egg shares are currently available!

Winter subscriptions will run from November through March 2021! Questions about pick-up or delivery? Contact us!

1/2 Dozen...................$3.00/week

1 Dozen.....................$5.00/week

*Egg shares can be added to any member delivery for no additional charge!

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