Your generosity is making it happen!

Without the support of spirited friends and family, Blue Blaze Farm would not be going into its third year...and launching as a sustainable business, the biggest step yet! We are super excited and plan on working extra hard to bring this vision to reality. If you would like to help us over the winter hump, pay for your eggs, or just throw little support at our plan, you can do it here. Below is a link to donate directly to farm projects and operations.

If you are more of the "tangible gift" type, or want to send something our way for the holidays, here is a link to the farm's Amazon Wish list:

We hope to place this page soon with our mail-order catologue and more valuable information about living sustainably. In an effort to fundraise, we would like to produce some interesting, unique, or atleast useful BBF merchandise. Ideas? Requests? Let us know what you might like to have as we design ourselves for 2021!

Love always comes back around...Thank You!